Clinical Lab 2.0 Partner Insights

Take a moment to learn about how our Industry Partners are focusing on their organizational strategies to help solve the challenge of transitioning from volume to value. 

These strategies are not sales in nature but rather deeper, actionable dives into the fundamental pillars and thought leadership of CL2.0 risk stratification and how we can harness the predictive value of lab data.

The laboratory’s impact doesn’t end when we release a result; rather, that’s where its potential continues!

Elevate Laboratory Medicine by Unifying for Something Greater

Laboratory medicine has long been under-recognized for its role in advancing healthcare excellence.  Healthcare teams however who have mobilized insights from the clinical laboratory and collaborated across disciplines to achieve measurable outcomes now have the opportunity to be recognized for their excellent work.  The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award program is one of the most prestigious healthcare honors awarded in the industry, recognizing and amplifying successful best practices with measurable benefits for patients, payors, clinicians and entire health systems.  The presentation below reviews key details about the program, outlines how to apply, and provides representative examples of the winning honors.  Let’s Unify for Something Greater.

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Elevating the CBC: From the Lab to the Cloud

Learn how complete blood count (CBC) data can be used to optimize lab diagnostics and foster value-based care. Michelle Grant, DODirector of Hematology and Coagulation, Geisinger Medical Laboratories, and Steve Postma, Enterprise Architect, Sysmex America, describe a research protocol currently underway to use core outcome data sets with CBC results to measure patient outcomes.  The use of machine learning predictive modeling and data analytic techniques within the context of diagnostic advancement of the CBC is examined.

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