Benefits of Becoming a Clinical Lab 2.0 Partner

The global healthcare landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. This year, perhaps more than any other, has demonstrated the lab’s impact as a critical component in healthcare.

As an Industry Partner to the CL2.0 movement, your efforts around the care continuum help to improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care to align with the future of value-based population health.

We cannot do it alone – our Industry Partners are strategic partners and a critical component of Project Santa Fe Foundation.

Becoming an Annual Member provides you with opportunities to participate in CL2.0 Demonstration Projects focused on establishing key clinical and financial outcomes using  elements of the Clinical Lab 2.0 model. These projects target health conditions with high prevalence and risk, including sepsis, opioid use, anemia, diabetes, prenatal care, CKD, and more. Your Annual Membership guarantees you a seat at the table for active participation and collaboration in exclusive PSFF think tanks and thought leadership.

An additional benefit of your Annual Membership gives you a platform at the annual CL2.0 Workshop to share your knowledge with others, as well as collaborative and networking opportunities. This in-person CL2.0 Workshop focuses discussion and exchange on the quantitative and actionable value of the lab to improve clinical and financial outcomes in value-based care.

Please reach out to us for a conversation on how you can get involved. We eagerly welcome your participation!

CL2.0 Industry Partners